Christobel Macdonald

Christobel Macdonald, PEng

Christobel grew up breathing salt spray of the Pacific Ocean and felt a strong spirit connection with the rocks, trees, waters and animals of the Pacific North West. In her search for a career which in which she could be of service to the earth, she pursued engineering hoping that technology might be a solution to some of our planetary problems. She became disillusioned during the course of her education, believing that technology was already available and it was lack of connection to self and nature that was in need of healing. She took a leave from her schooling. Drawn by the concept of power animals, she received a soul retrieval from a shamanic practitioner and through this was introduced to the miracles of shamanism.

Post graduation, Christobel continued to seek out a healing modality or spiritual path that fostered people’s connection with themselves and their environment. In 2008, a sequence of synchronicities led her to take the FSS Basic workshop with FSS faculty member Gizelle Rhyon-Berry. In Christobel’s words:
"I have long resonated with the belief that certain truths bubble up into any system worth its salt. I fell in love with the idea and practicality of core shamanism which draws from this same premise. I saw that core shamanic healing practices were the very things which could help people reconnect with themselves, their own power, and the divinity of nature, and I knew I’d come home. This path has become my greatest hope and joy, and I am honored to have the opportunity to teach with the Foundation."
Christobel's students say:
"One of the best things I've ever done. She was a perfect guide. Her knowledge was huge, she was kind and generous, and I trusted her completely."

"Christobel's pacing was skilled and careful, her manner was friendly and open and still professional, and I felt both seen and heard whenever I came to her with a concern. Many thanks for opening up this new world for me and for everyone else too!"

"I loved Christobel's energy and her warmth and caring. She held a wonderful space for all of us."

"Thank you for such a wonderful and life changing weekend!"

Christobel has a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), is a professional engineer and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) accredited professional who works in the green building design and construction industry. She maintains a shamanic healing practice, offers healing work for land and buildings, and creates masks and other ritual objects.