Denise Paulette

Denise Paulette

It's been a walk through the ancient ways; each discovery taking me one step closer to the shamanic traditions—the same traditions that are at the core of all healing practices and are tens of thousands of years old. As a young girl growing up in Seattle, steeped in the Catholic traditions with a loving dose of spiritualism from my mom—she was a Catholic practicing Zen—my dreams were filled with premonitions of daily life occurrences along with an overwhelming pull and connection to the Native American traditions.

After moving to L.A. in the mid 80's to pursue acting, I relinquished my Catholicism, embracing Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism. This deepened my spirituality connecting me to my father in a healing presence that I had not experienced during his lifetime. Through other alternative means, I found my world opening to the unseen. I recognized a desire to make sense of the longing I have always had to help others heal. I was eventually introduced to some of the Native American ceremonies, such as the sweat lodge and vision quest. I travelled to sacred places like Bear Butte, the Painted Desert, the Sedona vortexes, and the Taisekiji Temple in Japan.

Still seeking, I took Michael Harnerís Basic Workshop: The Way of the Shaman. I distinctly remember how quickly and abundantly the room filled with spirits as the teacher whistled them in. I immediately took the Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive. After that, I knew I was home. Everything fell into place. I experienced the beautiful paradox of learning, and yet it was all familiar. I continued my studies with FSS and completed the Three Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing. I have had a shamanic healing practice since 2009.

I have experienced the incredible beauty of the compassionate spirits that surrounds us daily; that speaks to us through all the Earthís forms: the animals, the trees, plants, rocks, rivers, lakes, mountains and oceans. It is within this beauty that I find solace, wisdom and a well of healing that never runs dry.

Denise's students say:

"Denise is a kind and wise soul. She held space for the group, provided the information clearly and with intention. It is clear she is a devoted practitioner and teacher of shamanism."

"I loved how calm Denise was—she took her time and that was comforting. She was also very nonjudgmental which allowed more creativity to flow."

"I loved Denise's positivity and the safe space she created. She was very knowledgeable, well spoken, had good answers. She was easily approachable and had hint of humor that helped it all not be too intense."

"Denise's expertise and wit made the material very accessible and memorable. Would love to take more classes with her."

"Denise Paulette was a wonderful teacher to introduce these concepts and deepen them through explanation and practice. Her humor was a blessing! She's very present with participants."