Foundation for Shamanic Studies Faculty

Faculty members of the Foundation teach workshops worldwide in the core shamanic methods of healing and divination. FSS Faculty are Harner-trained and are experienced shamanic practitioners as well as teachers. FSS faculty members must complete the Three Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing and the Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive. All faculty members have active shamanic healing practices; many have over a decade of shamanic healing experience.

In addition to these minimum requirements, faculty members must have taken as a participant each workshop they teach multiple times and are required to update their training periodically with an advanced teacher to ensure knowledge of the latest content. This combination of rigorous experiential training and active shamanic practice has produced a world-class team of shamanic teachers who can help you gain depth in your shamanic training and confidence in your shamanic practice. To learn more about a specific faculty member, click on a name below.

BECOMING AN FSS FACULTY MEMBER. The FSS Faculty Intern Program is intended to train and prepare potential FSS faculty members to teach the FSS weekend (two-day) workshops in core shamanism in locations throughout North America. More information...

In North America and Hawaii:

Beth Beurkens, MA
Jo Ann Broder, Guest Faculty
Bill Brunton, PhD, Faculty Emeritus
Mujiba Cabugos, RN, CHC, LMT, Guest Faculty
Narrye Caldwell, MTCM, LAc, Guest Faculty
Glenn Campbell, MEd
Charles W. Conatser, PhD
Timothy Cope, MFA, CSC
Elaine M. Egidio, MCAT, LPC
Kenny Emerson, Guest Faculty
Mora File, Guest Faculty
Amanda Foulger
Loumitea, Louise Gauthier
Michael Harner, PhD, in memoriam, 1929—2018
Sandra Harner, PhD, CSC
Jack Hebrank, PhD, PE, Guest Faculty
Marcia Hebrank, MSW, Guest Faculty
Sharon Collings Licata, MA, Guest Faculty
Christobel Macdonald, PEng, Guest Faculty
Susan Mokelke, JD
Nan Moss, CSC
Susan Opie, MSW, Guest Faculty
Denise Paulette, Guest Faculty
Wade Prpich, MEDes, Guest Faculty
Marcia Rich, PhD, Guest Faculty
Anthony Rios, Guest Faculty
Dana Robinson, CSC
Juan Carlos "JC" Safa, B.B.A., Guest Faculty
Alex Solomon, MSW, LCSW, Guest Faculty
Leon Sproule, PE, Guest Faculty
Robbie Staufer, MA, MS
April E. Tuck, MS, CSC
Scott Williams, MA, Guest Faculty
Ellen Winner, JD, CSC, Guest Faculty

In Europe (FSS Europe):

Petya Bachvarova, M.A. (Literature), Guest Faculty
Kerstin Bandmann, Guest Faculty
Stefan Bierbaum, CSC
Wieland Braun, Dipl.-Ing.
Nello Ceccon, Dipl.-Ing.
Paul David, Dipl.-Ing., CSC
Nicole Drakulič Trninić
Marko Fedor
Zora Frešová, Mag. (Psychology)
Kai Goerlich, Dipl.Biol. (Biology), CSC, Guest Faculty
Luís Gonçalves Louro
Michael Hasslinger, Dipl.-Ing., CSC
Andreas Hirsch, PhD (Juris)
Katarina Hrčková, Ph.D. (Philosophy)
Laurent Huguelit
Sandor Joo
Jutta Leskovar, Ph.D. (Archaeology), Guest Faculty
Maria da Conceição Marques
Lorenza Menegoni, Ph.D. (Anthropology)
Marta Niccolai, Ph.D., Guest Faculty
Omar Osman, Dr. Med., Guest Faculty
Winfried Picard, Ph.D. (Psychology), CSC
Daniela Rupp, CSC
Heike Spalteholz, Dr. Med., CSC
Roman Steiner
Ulla Straessle, CSC
Roswitha Uccusic, CSC
Roland Urban, Mag. (Psychology), CSC
Alexandra Viverge, Guest Faculty
David Vust, Dipl.Soz.Päd. (Social Pedagogy), Guest Faculty
Tanja Woutskowsky, Dipl-Pol., Guest Faculty

In Japan and Asia:

Kevin Turner, M.A.

In Latin America and Spain:

Gerardo Roemer (Argentina and Chile)
Tamir Jordi Satorra, Guest Faculty (Spain)

*CSC® denotes Certified Shamanic Counselor® (Harner Method) - registered trademarks of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

International Faculty Administrative Offices

For North America, the Pacific, Australia, Asia, and the United Kingdom:

Susan Mokelke, President
Sandra Harner, Vice President

Foundation for Shamanic Studies
PO Box 1939
Mill Valley, California 94942
(415) 897-6416

For Europe:

Roland Urban, Director
Michael Hasslinger, Vice Director
Roswitha Uccusic, Coordinator

Foundation for Shamanic Studies
(FSS Europa)
Zentrum für Schamanische Studien
Roland Urban
Untere Reitling 26
A-4231 Wartberg ob der Aist, Österreich (Austria)

For Latin America and Spain:

Alicia Luengas Gates
Director for Latin America and Spain
California, USA

For Japan and Asia:

Kevin Turner
Director for Asia
Kyoto, Japan
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